Our rescuees



The two ferrets came to us in terrible condition. A kind man brought them from Mór, where the hungry and thirsty ferrets were found next to a trash can in cat carriers. We would like to thanks this exceptional man for his self-sacrifice, bringing the ferrets to us without regretting the time and money spent, while someone else simply threw...



Hami is one of our rescued degus. Hami has been enjoying our hospitality for quite a few months now. She lost her partner and, as a sad coincidence, our previously saved degu boy also became lonely around the same period. Hami has been a dental care patient for many years; she visited Dr. Szabina at the Tüskevár Veterinary Clinic once...

We took over this beautiful pine marten girl from the Bird Rescue Station Mályi (Madármentő Állomás Mályi, Presumably, she was hit by a car and suffered a fairly severe concussion, so it was vital for her to receive PROFESSIONAL VETERINARY CARE as soon as possible. When I got home, I immediately started her infusion...

Tawny owl


A bird or a cat? - For sure a predator!

Somfi came to our Foundation as an orphaned baby fox with her two little siblings. They were pulled out from their burrow during farming in Áporka. Unfortunately, we did not have any information on the den's - even approximate - location, so we did not have a chance to put them back to their habitat.

Heavy bombers


The naming is not accidental; they are not joking and act surprisingly fast.



Nózi came to us from Petesmalom; the manager of the Otter Park - Márti - and her partner -

The leader of the Turtle Haven is Tamás Mikula - a dedicated turtle fan - who is also an assistant at the Tüskevár Veterinary Clinic and a member of our Foundation. In most cases, those turtles who no longer require intensive treatment are in his care until adoption or repatriation (European pond turtles).

Healthy-looking fawns believed to be abandoned should never be taken away from the place they were found! In 98% of the cases, they are not orphaned; their mother will return for them, and they should stay with her.



Many of us are afraid of them or even resent them, even though only insect-eating bats live in Hungary; they are one of nature's most essential insecticide soldiers!


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