Bumbling deerling…


Healthy-looking fawns believed to be abandoned should never be taken away from the place they were found! In 98% of the cases, they are not orphaned; their mother will return for them, and they should stay with her.

If they have a visible open injury, are too bony, and/or appear particularly shaggy, they might need veterinary care.

Our Foundation received several injured fawns. Unfortunately, it is seldom possible to raise, heal, and repatriate them. In the vast majority of cases, the situation of wounded deer and fawns is unpromising for many reasons. 

The story of Pille

Pille came to us together with another fawn in the spring of 2020. Both animals were wounded due to mowing. Pille's thigh muscles were cut and severely damaged by the blade of a mowing machine.

After a medical condition assessment, we started acute shock therapy and then surgical preparation. The wound had to be cleaned and then sutured in several layers during the operation while also placing a surgical drain.

The real fight only started after the surgery. Housing the fawn, providing further medical treatment, finding a suitable nipple for the baby bottle, then searching for and acquiring high quality goat milk (fawns do not accept all types of milk).

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the recovery of Pille, who found a new home in a multi-acre wooded area with other deer of a similar fate.

Pille`s companion

Both of his hind legs were broken. This type of injury is incompatible with life for fawns, so, unfortunately, we had to perform euthanasia.

The little faw suffering an accident

Unfortunately, we could not save her either; she suffered a jaw fracture, but she reached our clinic several days later in critical condition.