Hami is one of our rescued degus. Hami has been enjoying our hospitality for quite a few months now. She lost her partner and, as a sad coincidence, our previously saved degu boy also became lonely around the same period. Hami has been a dental care patient for many years; she visited Dr. Szabina at the Tüskevár Veterinary Clinic once every eight weeks to receive dental correction. When she was left alone with her owners - Szilvi and her little daughter - we all agreed to take Hami into the care of the Foundation and introduce her to our lonely neutered degu boy. The pairing was successful; they fell in love almost immediately.

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, Hami developed otitis media in addition to her dental problems, so now she receives antibiotics, and we are supplementing her diet with pasty food. As you can see in her picture, Hami is a big fan of Oxbow Critical Care products.