This is our story

The head of our Foundation, Dr. Szabina Tóth, has been rescuing animals since her childhood.By the time she got her veterinary degree, she had a whole farm's worth of saved and orphanedanimals in her family house. To this day, her parents are involved in caring for the rescuedanimals and helping with the Foundation's work.

After the opening of the Tüskevár Veterinary Clinic, the number of rescuees only increased. The financial resources of the clinic and Dr. Szabina were gradually exhausted. However, with the establishment of the Tüskevár Wild and Exotic Animal Protection Foundation, it was no longer necessary to give up this noble mission; the work could continue within an official framework. Although small, financial assistance could also be received to acquire some of a great many necessities, including medicine, bandages, anesthetics, tools, food, litter, etc.

The employees of the Tüskevár Veterinary Clinic, as members or volunteers of the Foundation, carry out the daily tasks shoulder to shoulder with each other, heal and care for the rescued animals in addition to their regular work. The rescue work brings together animal- and nature loving people, so those who profess the same principles find each other and move forward on the same path. They support each other with their experience and knowledge gained over the years.


Small changes making a big difference

The growing number of animals necessitated the construction of kennels and aviaries required for housing. We have received a lot of support from companies and civilians that we will never be able to thank enough!

Housing rescued but healed animals until repatriation is also possible at volunteers' homes under strict conditions. Thank you again for your conscientious work and selfless support!

Let`s see some pictures of the work in progress and our volunteers:



Get to know the real heroes

Dr. Szabina Tóth Leader, Exotic Veterinarian

"Because all life matters!"

Dr. Eszter Schweickhardt Leader,

Small Animal Veterinarian

Background tasks, surgeries

Károly László  

 Chick and Bird Rescue

Decades of bird keeping experience

Dr. Júlia Töltési, Veterinarian

Medical treatment, anesthesia

Tamás Mikula, Veterinary Assistant

Aftercare, nursing, rearing

Emília Guoth, Veterinary Assistant

Aftercare, nursing, rearing


Guard and security services

Ágnes Hunfalvy, Receptionist

Administration, phone services, organization,

animal reception


Protection of exotic animals, getting on our nerves

Educating the next generation

As much as our time allows, we take part in educating and shaping the attitude of the growing generations. We participate in social events, helping those who turn to us with our knowledge and experience.

  • Raising awareness in schools on World Animal Day
  • Visiting school groups
  • Participating in city events
  • Providing community work under contract with high schools


Support our mission


By donating 1% of your tax

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