Joint rescue with the Bird Rescue Station Mályi


We took over this beautiful pine marten girl from the Bird Rescue Station Mályi (Madármentő Állomás Mályi, Presumably, she was hit by a car and suffered a fairly severe concussion, so it was vital for her to receive PROFESSIONAL VETERINARY CARE as soon as possible. When I got home, I immediately started her infusion and medication therapy. The X-ray showed no fractures, and the lungs were intact.

Many thanks to everyone who helped in her rescue and transportation!

After receiving medication and roborative treatment for several days, the pine marten girl became asymptomatic, and she indicated with her activity and appetite that she was ready to be prepared for repatriation.

After two weeks of observation and strengthening, we could allow her to return to nature.

We hope she will thank our help with many little pine marten offspring!