The two ferrets came to us in terrible condition. A kind man brought them from Mór, where the hungry and thirsty ferrets were found next to a trash can in cat carriers. We would like to thanks this exceptional man for his self-sacrifice, bringing the ferrets to us without regretting the time and money spent, while someone else simply threw them away like trash... It could be suspected that the ferrets had some severe problems, that is why their owner got rid of them in this despicable way. Though I hoped that perhaps it was only the stronger smell associated with sexual maturity that prompted him to commit such an act, as soon as I picked up the bony ferrets from the carrier, I knew there would be more to it.

The sable ferret showed symptoms of advanced heart disease, while he was also sexually mature with two massive testicular tumors; he was extremely skinny as well... We found lesions, presumably melanoma, on the albino ferret's tail and foreskin. Both animals underwent a complete health check-up, including X-rays and blood and cytology tests. The sable ferret's cardiological examination confirmed the advanced heart disease. We tried to help him with appropriate medication and supportive roborative treatment. Unfortunately, despite the intensive treatment, he left us forever; he received veterinary care too late...

The albino ferret's cytological examination showed what we expected: malignant melanoma. Unfortunately, we discovered several melanoma metastases on Sörcsi's (receiving a name too in the meantime) body. Since this is a very aggressive type of tumor, we did not want to expose him to unnecessary surgery; we cannot stop the progress anymore with this metastasis level.

Sörcsi received a Suprelorin implant to protect his adrenal gland, and a wonderful new owner for his last few months since a real home was never given to him before.