Nózi came to us from Petesmalom; the manager of the Otter Park - Márti - and her partner -

Tomi - took care of him. We do not exactly know what happened to the little one - maybe he took a fall from a tall tree - but the poor squirrel's right side was paralyzed. An X-rayexamination was conducted in Kaposvár, but they did not see any fractures. He also received injections and infusions. Currently, the right front leg is paralyzed, hanging in an unnatural position, while the right hind leg shows some movement. The upper incisors are also broken at an angle, that is why we thought he fell from a considerable height. He is fed from a syringe and receives infusions, anti-inflammatory medications, painkillers, vitamin B, and lots and lots of love.

Squirrels' all four incisors continue to grow throughout their lives. With proper abrasion, this is not a problem. However, this little Sweetheart has developed an incisor malocclusion (= abnormal position of the incisors); the upper and lower 2-2 teeth do not meet, growing in a non physiological direction. Thus, unfortunately, from time to time, Nózi has to undergo a minor tooth correction.

With some luck, Nózi can go back to nature. But if that is not possible, this great kennel awaits


The duo from Letkés

One of our vet colleagues informed us that an orphaned baby squirrel was found lying on the ground in Letkés. We contacted the finder, and by the time we got there, actually, two squirrel babies were waiting for us; no nest was found, and no mother was seen. By now, the squirrels have learned to eat from a syringe. They developed nicely, and they also got their own lair. We would like to thank Dr. Szabina's father for his help in making the squirrel dens.

We housed them with a lot of love!


Mogyoró fell from a nest and came to us with a broken leg; the first few days were critical. Her foot does not hurt anymore, she eats well, and she grows nicely; she is a happy squirrel girl who took her first few steps towards a free life in an excellent squirrel kennel. We repatriated her. Of course, Mogyoró could also start her new life in her own nest.