Wild and Exotic Animal Protection

"Sometimes we pass by wounded, weakened animals, looking into their sick, pleading eyes with

pity. Maybe if we knew that their last chance is vanishing along with us, we would help them."

       Carol Bigley

Our work 

Wild and Exotic animal rescue

We receive wild and exotic animals at the Tüskevár Veterinary Clinic. Due to the continuous  daily operation of the clinic, our capacity to provide on-site rescue is limited. Please contact us and inquire about our available solutions by phone


Veterinary care, medical treatment

The treatment of the animals protected by the Foundation is carried out by the professional medical crew of the Tüskevár Veterinary Clinic led by Dr. Tóth Szabina, Exotic Veterinarian.

Searching for new owners

After pet owners sign a waiver, the Foundation takes in exotic animals who are neglected or not properly cared for, whose owners do not or cannot cover treatment expenses, or for whom the owners are unable or unwilling to care. We provide the necessary medical treatment and look for responsible new owners, also ensuring post-adoption follow-up and support afterward



In the case of small wild animals, after the rearing period - orphaned young animals - or necessary medical treatment, we ensure they find and get used to their new home in nature


Our goals

The goal of our animal protection foundation is to help, rescue, and repatriate orphaned wild and
exotic animals. 

We spent several years rescuing animals as civilians using our own resources at the Tüskevár Veterinary Clinic. Our Foundation was registered in the autumn of 2018 and now can officially treat, rescue, and adopt wild and exotic small animals, as well as re-habituate wild animals into nature.

We hope that with the help of our supporters, we will be able to save many more valuable little lives in the future because that is what we are working for day by day.

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Tüskevár Foundation for Wild and Exotic Animal Protection



Every day there is a little life to save.

Over 200


The healing process and the preparation for a free life can take weeks or even months..



In addition to our permanent team members, many volunteers help us with our work. There is always a need for a helping hand!


Our current rescuees


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